Wood Flooring

With its natural beauty and warmth, in addition to its durability and hard-wearing finish, wood flooring is a great choice for many rooms regardless of the interior style, and most people would agree that the character and appearance of wood simply improves with age.

We offer solid and engineered wood flooring in a wide range of colours and species of wood, from oak to walnut, and have a huge variety of styles including wide planks, parquet, herringbone and chevron patterns.

There is little maintenance involved with a wood floor, just a little sweeping and vacuuming, and an occasional clean with a well wrung-out mop. If the floor is well looked after, it can last a lifetime, making it a great investment for your home. Furthermore, the production of wood is very energy efficient making it a good environmental choice. The wood we offer is always responsibly and ethically sourced from well managed forests and manufactured in FSC and PEFC certified factories.

Wood has an ambient warmth and rarely feels cold to the touch, however using it over underfloor heating guarantees a warm and cosy floor. Ask our team for more information.

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